Ending a

Ending a relationship

While many couples ending a relationship can come to an agreement on their own about the difficult decisions for their future (such as how to handle parenting responsibilities, dividing property and debt, and whether spousal and/or child support should be paid), other couples need additional support when they are finalizing the end of a relationship. Kristin can provide support in finding the way that best suits your needs – through a variety of different paths.

Most family law cases are resolved through negotiation–either before court action is started or through ongoing efforts during the court process. If court action is required, Kristin will never give up on trying to resolve your matter through a negotiated settlement because court applications and trials are hard on you.

Kristin Rongve went above and beyond to assist me in my dissolution. She was incredibly knowledgeable and insightful in regards to my situation and possessed the utmost respect and professionalism in the handling of my case. Additionally, her receptionist was always heartfelt and genuine with her responses. I would highly recommend this compassionate lawyer.

– S.L.

Legal Consultation

At our office, Kristin can help you understand all of the processes that can be involved when it comes to ending a relationship. The initial consultation is an important step in identifying your needs and the best path forward.

About Separation Agreements

Many people who separate choose to resolve all of the issues between them (except for the granting of a divorce order) with a contract that sets out the settlement. A separation agreement can be prepared after the end of either a married or unmarried relationship. The advantage of a separation agreement is that is will save the parties a significant amount in legal fees, emotional stress, worry and time. It is also very satisfying to make your own decisions relating to your family and situation rather than having someone else (a judge or an arbitrator) make the decisions for you.

Independent Legal Advice on a lawyer prepared cohabitation, marriage or separation agreement: approximately $270 ($250, plus GST and PST).

Agreements – meaning a basic cohabitation, marriage or separation agreement when the parties already know what they need in the agreement (an initial consultation meeting with Kristin will still be required to confirm whether your situation meets these requirements): approximately $2000


Kristin can support you while you go through mediation – either by providing background advice or by attending the mediation at your side. Mediation is a process in which the parties work with a mediator who helps them reach an agreement that deals with all or some of the issues in dispute between them.

Mediation is not counselling nor is it a process by which the mediator will make a decision for you. It is simply a process that helps the parties themselves resolve their disputes without going through the court process.


Kristin can also help you as you move through first mediation and then, if necessary, arbitration. The mediator will assist by mediating as you attempt to make your own decisions; If that process is unsuccessful, however, the parties agree in advance to the mediator switching into an arbitrator’s position at the end of the unsuccessful mediation. The mediator switches from helping the two of you make your own decisions to acting in a judicial role to make a final decision on the dispute (after hearing evidence and listening to arguments). Before entering into the mediation/arbitration process, the parties agree to be bound to accept the decision made by the arbitrator.

Provincial Court Proceedings

Kristin has years of experience handling cases at the Provincial Court level. The Provincial Court of British Columbia (Family Division) covers parenting time, parenting responsibilities, child support, spousal support and protection orders.

Property, debt and divorce issues cannot be decided by the Provincial Court.

Supreme Court Proceedings

Kristin also has spent years dealing with cases at the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The Supreme Court can deal with all of the issues that can be decided by the Provincial Court as well as property and debt division. Supreme Court actions can also make divorce orders.

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Uncontested Divorce – meaning there are no issues that need to be resolved other than the granting of a divorce order. If anything else needs to be done, it is likely not an uncontested matter: approximately $1800.