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Your Trusted Nanaimo Family Lawyer

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At Kristin M.J. Rongve Law Corporation, we know that seeking legal advice and services, especially in the area of family law, can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Kristin Rongve is dedicated to the job of providing support, guidance, compassion and understanding to clients. Kristin serves clients locally at her office in Nanaimo, as well as clients up and down Vancouver Island, BC.

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Kristin Rongve

Kristin Rongve offers forthright, no-nonsense, workable approaches to complex situations. She is an experienced and well-qualified family lawyer who is committed to achieving your optimal solutions. She offers personally focused service while staying a practical course outside of the courtroom whenever possible for minimal conflict and optimal peace of mind.

As a lawyer for 27 years, Kristin prides herself on providing high quality legal services. She specializes in helping couples both at the start of a relationship or at the end of a relationship and tries to help her clients reach the best possible settlement or court order with the least amount of anxiety and uncertainty.

I VERY highly recommend Kristin! She knows her stuff! Kristin made me feel as though the whole world was lifted from my shoulders when she took on my case. I am so indebted to her for all she has done for me. She was open, straightforward, and yet compassionate. Thank you so much Kristin.

– J.C

Our Legal Fees

While we strive for transparency in the fees we charge clients, it can be very difficult to assess costs in any legal matter. The complexity of the case can combine with the positions and attitudes held by the other party to raise or lower the fees that will be incurred. Your individual needs will require customized processes that will work best for you and the other parties involved.

We do have some services and fees, including initial consultations, listed on our website for some insight into the costs involved. Any statement of rates in this site are approximations only.

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